Quilt alongs

This week I finished my quilt top for the Hazel the Hedgehog quilt along run by the lovely Angie of Gnome Angel.Hazel

Not the the best photo but I shall get out and take some nice ones when the madness of vintage ends.  The quilt top I love though, this is going to be for my little boy mr 18 months can’t wait to see him playing with it.  As long as you are awake the pattern is fairly straight forward, though ten of mine didn’t have ears at one point (fixed now).  I have decided to bind it in a mixture of all the spike fabrics but can’t decide on a backing yet.  Hazel has taken me most of February to complete I only finished him a couple of days ago, since then I have caught up on my two blocks I needed to do for my Inflight quiltalong.  Here is the seagull and the curlew, the curlew is my favourite so far.


I won a prize in the Inflight quiltalong at the last link up so a big thank you to Juliet from Tartan Kiwiw for hosting this quiltalong and having such fab prizes.  This little bundle of loveliness came to my mailbox is colourshott by Oakshott and it feels fantastic, so much so that it didn’t even make it’s way into my stash I needed see what it was like so it’s now turning into lots of flying geese, I have no idea what I’m making but making the geese made me really happy so I have vowed that I am going to be random a bit more often since it makes me smile lots.  What type of sewing makes you smile lots?



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