Hazel the Hedgehog Quilt Along

This month I have been participating in Angie from Gnome Angel Hazel the Hedgehog quilt along.  Hazel the Hedgehog is a pattern by the very talented Elizabeth Hartman of Oh Fransson.  This is a beautiful pattern and surprisingly fairly straightforward to put together, I wouldn’t say easy you certainly have to stay fully awake but the instructions are very clear and well written.

Some eyes

I decided to do the lap sized quilt so 25 little hazels to make.  There are quite a few different options for making these little beauties, I decided on having the bodies all the same and just having the spikes different patterned fabrics all in blue tones as this quilt is going to be for my little fella.  A wee tip if you are doing this quilt is that the eyes and the legs can be put together in strips then cut down to the correct size to save some time, and this pattern really lends itself to chain piecing.

Little faces

Shout when you see the mistake, don’t worry they can’t hear you.  This is what happens when your getting sleepy and should really stop sewing.

Oops no ears28 little hazels

Here is my 28 wee babies (I’m thinking of a wee pillow with the spare 3) time to get these all pieced together, think that shall be a job for tomorrow night, that’s one advantage of being a vintage widow, lots of time for sewing after the boys are in bed.


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