Scrap busting and tidying up the fabric

Living on a farm has it’s great advantages, lots of fresh veggies from the garden and I can’t imagine a better place to bring up my three boys.  One down side however is those pesky little mice that come in when the mood takes them.  The tell tale mouse smell was in the spare bedroom where my fabric lives so it was time to get everything out from under the bed.  With no place to hide the mice were a goner and thankfully they were living in some old flannel scraps that I wasn’t sad to say goodbye to.

What wasn’t good was having my whole stash in the hallway, wow that’s confronting.  All those half done projects, bits of fabric I had hidden and boxes of baby clothes I’m making a quilt with……aghhhh what to do with it all.  The guilt the guilt.

This gray cloud does have a silver lining though well actually lots of black linings.Stash storage

Ive got got a lovely little crafty storage area, yippee no more nappy boxes under the bed for me.  That’s two units on top of each other I got six of these units for $50 from a clearing sale at a print shop that was closing down and I managed to get these storage boxes from ikea and the fit like they were made for it.  I’m as happy as Larry.  The top three have the Cotton that I love and then there is the other four hmmm yes well I’m not ready to call in the hoarders just yet but let’s just say I’m not proud of myself.

On the bright side it has really motivated me to try and use a lot of my stash this year if I can.  And I’ve even finished a wee tote from the stuff that made me hang my head.




I came across a whole bunch of four and twelve square patches that I had left over from my yet unfinished millefiori quilt from the Sarah Fielke on the pond range that I had obviously kept for something ( just not sure what ) so I just sewed them all together randomly to make a long rectangle and turned them into a shopping bag.  The bonus bit was the lining is a poly cotton that I was not loving and I used some left over fleese from when I was making the baby some sleeping bags.  I have a few bits left so I see a few more of these in my future.  From guilt to pride in one little bag, I love recycling.