Vintage 2015

Up till now its been all sewing and no shiraz, but its now shiraz time.  Vintage 2015 started off for us a week and a half ago, and its getting very busy already.  A little bit about me first.


Me and the wee cutieThis is me, Lisa.  Im a scottish lass who grew up in a small village in Fife in Scotland, i graduated as a quantity surveyor and worked for a civil engineering company working on various job sites in the UK.  In 2003 i came across to visit Australia for a year back packing and fell in love with the place, a year was over too soon and i was back home with a new plan to move to australia,  two years later i had my visa and moved to Adelaide.  Again i worked for civil engineering companies though across here the job title is contract administrator, same job different name.  I loved working on site, i have always been a tom boy and gotten on well in a male environment.  A year to the day after arriving in the country i met Brendyn and he changed my world completely.  Seven years later i am the farmers wife, we have three beautiful boys who are ten, three and eighteen months and I’m embracing the country life.  We have our own veggie patch, I’m getting better at the old preserving and cooking and i have discovered a passion for quilting.

Our vineyard

Brendyn works with his parents on the family farm and vineyard, we grow shiraz, grenache and cabernet sauvignon and run some cows and sheep.  So vintage is our busy time of year, its what the rest of the year is working towards.  For brendyn it means he is flat out busy 24/7, for me it means i become what the locals around here call a vintage widow.  There is occasionally a lump in our bed at random times of the day but generally i don’t see brendyn unless I’m helping out.  Most of the vintage work is done in the evening and overnight (you don’t pick the grapes when its too hot, cooler is better) so with two wee boys I don’t work the vintage with him.  I do the paperwork, do shuttle runs with equipment with him and am chief bacon and egg sandwich maker but my tractor driving skills are fairly poor.

The tractor and harvester

Brendyn runs a contract harvesting business so we don’t just pick our own grapes but we have a few lads that come in to help him out catching.  This is the harvester we do all machine harvesting so its not quite as romantic as crushing the grapes with our feet like you see in the old movies.

I will try and get some pictures of the harvester working for next time but next time you have a bottle of wine it could be some of this.  Cheers