In Flight Quilt Along

I really love the patterns of Juliet from the Tartan Kiwi so when she announced last year that she was going to be doing a quilt along I knew I wanted to play along.

Today was the kick off and the first block was the swan and I couldn’t wait to get started.

The swan

So here is the swan, isn’t he beautiful, he is needing trimmed down but I shall wait to do that when I’m ready to piece the whole quilt together.  The photo seems black to me but it’s actually navy blue and white, I’m trying to show restraint with this quilt and did originally plan on just making it just with these two solids but I’m now thinking just one red bird would pop out nicely.

if your interested in joining the quiltalong the details can be found here.


An unexpected panel quilt finish

A second finish for the year, woopee go me!  I quite enjoyed binding my quilt this morning and while packing up I came across an old panel quilt I hadn’t finished.

Panel quilt finished

Panel quilt finished

Machine binding

Machine binding

It’s been a work in progress for four years, wow that’s scary.  It’s actually the first quilt I ever started, I was pregnant and my mum was across from Scotland and I said I wanted to make the baby a quilt so we grabbed this fabric from spotlight and set to work making the front, finished the front in her visit too.  Then we had a scan and found out that girl I was having ( I was convinced it was a girl, it was going to be called Beth ) was actually a boy. So as we planned for James to come into the world the quilt go relegated to under the spare bed, James is turning 4 in April.  It did make its way out from under the spare bed briefly and got sandwiched and walking foot quilted when I was pregnant with Lewis another darling wee boy, I’m so out numbered in this house.  I wouldn’t swap my boys for the world, but no more babies for me so it’s time to find a little girl to give this quilt some love.  I have a cousin back home who has just had a baby girl so I think it may have her name on it.

A finished quilt and my first venture into free motion quilting

With a tear in my eye my baby (18 months) went into daycare for the first time today, he was alright but me not so much.  On the bright side it gave me time to bind my quilt for my friend Emma’s new baby Finlay.  He is a tiny wee thing born on Christmas Eve and I’m going to get another cuddle from him this afternoon, I will be glad to take his present to him this time, better late than never. I had planned on doing craftsy’s BOM 2013 this year so when I found out the baby was going to be a boy I decided to use the robot factory fabric to make it suitable for a wee boy.  I loved the class and learnt a fair bit too and I’m really chuffed with the result, especially my wee applique robot that I pulled together myself from one of our colouring in books, the craftsy basket of flowers wasn’t going to quite cut it for the wee man.

Baby Finlay's quilt with help from my handsome assistant

Baby Finlay’s quilt with help from my handsome assistant


My wee robot


My first attempt at fmq


I even signed it lisa xx

Here is where I stick out my chest and say I quilted it myself, feeling a wee bit smug 🙂 I over thought the whole FMQ thing and read every tutorial I could find on the internet and got terrified it all just seemed too hard and too complicated.  So I took the two main bits of advise that stuck in my head which were to forget the unpicker and have a glass of wine. Best advise ever.  I loved it.  It’s actually quite liberating its a bit like doodling on you school books when you were at high school.  As this was a sampler quilt I took the chance to quilt every block differently, some I love some not so much.  Thery are all pretty messy and there are some little spider legs on the back in areas but I really enjoyed the process and by the end of the quilt I was getting better at it already

linking up to TGIFF at Quilt Matters

New Years resolutions

Happy new year!  An new year and a fresh craft start so I thought I would put in writing the crafty projects I want to achieve this year quite a few of these are work in progresses that I need to finish

1.  Bind and give baby Finlay my craftsy BOM quilt

2.  Quilt and bind James’s pirate quilt

3.  Sandwich quilt and bind my jenny doan mystery quilt

4.  4 more blocks to do for my christmas quilt

5.  Finish piecing and quilt up the Sarah Fielke millefiori quilt for laura and David’s wedding

now for the fun stuff things I can’t wait to start, I love starting new projects shame I’m not so good at finishing them off.

6.  I bought 5 fantastic paper piecing patterns from the tartan kiwi and I can’t wait to try “big bear”, I have a nearly two year old niece Beth who gets called Beth bear so I recon this has her written all over it.  Having 3 boys I never get do do much girly stuff so bring on the pink.

7. I treated myself in December to Patchwork City by Elizabeth Hartman and she has promised a quilt along so I’m looking forwards to participating in that, just love all the bright blocks, think this one will be for me.

8.  Tartan Kiwi is doing In Flight Quilt Along and I have my eyes set on that one it looks fab and I have in my mind a blue   And white quilt for the oldest boy, can I be so restrained, I’m not sure but that’s the plan.

9. Last but not least I’m loving my guru pants from boomshanker but the shorts I can’t seem to get in my size so I’m going to try and see if I can whip up something similar.

Lets hope I can stick to the plan and have 2015 a year of finishing.

Hash tag blocks for Molly Sparkles

imageToday I put together and posted off these four hash tag blocks for Molly Sparkles for his sewing for Sydney quilts that he is doing for the families of the people who died in the Sidney siege.  Good on him for organising this for such a great cause, and it feels good to be able to help even if it is just in such a small way. My thoughts are with those poor families I hope Molly’s quilts can give them a smile at this sad time.  The blocks are from the Chicopee range by Denyse Schmidt on a white background.

A wee blog world just

If you stumble across my wee blog world, hello and welcome.  In 2014 I started an exciting new quest into the world of quilting and have embraced it with both hands, I love my sewing machine and the lovely little goodies it can create.  I have also been loving the resources available on line, there are so many fabulous blogs and tutorials and ideas out there and I want to try lots of them.  So to save my friends and family from being bombarded with pictures of my creations I am giving myself this little space of the internet to share the creative love on for my 2015 New Years resolution.  I’m looking froward to a new year with lots of new projects, best wishes for 2015.