Swift In Flight Quilt Along


Block two for the In Flight Quilt Along the swift.  I’m really enjoying this quilt along it’s helping me learn paper piecing as it is a skill I would like to master this year I have done three blocks so far but before that I had only done one paper pieced block so I’m fairly early on in the learning process.  So far the quilt along has been fairly gentle but already I can see my weaknesses showing, I love the accuracy it gives me but I still haven’t gotten my head round the funny angles you have to try and achieve so I still have to unpick on a regular basis.  My main problem however is trying to get the seams to line up when I’m piecing the blocks together when they are sitting at different angles, if anyone knows a good tutorial please drop me a wee message.

Ive been seeing a few beautiful blocks posted on Instagram of the blocks and I love seeing all the different colour ways everyone is using, if you are quilting along I hope you are enjoying it as much as I am.


4 thoughts on “Swift In Flight Quilt Along

  1. You are doing very well so far as these aren’t simple designs to piece! I’ve been using the freezer paper method for all the long diagonals and some of the small bird pieces. As well as the tips on the Tartan Kiwi blog I use these tips on Sew-Ichigo … There is one also about lining up pieces with pins.
    I also use something called “the postcard method” …. If you Google it a few things come up. Best of luck with the rest of the birds :o)


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