An unexpected panel quilt finish

A second finish for the year, woopee go me!  I quite enjoyed binding my quilt this morning and while packing up I came across an old panel quilt I hadn’t finished.

Panel quilt finished

Panel quilt finished

Machine binding

Machine binding

It’s been a work in progress for four years, wow that’s scary.  It’s actually the first quilt I ever started, I was pregnant and my mum was across from Scotland and I said I wanted to make the baby a quilt so we grabbed this fabric from spotlight and set to work making the front, finished the front in her visit too.  Then we had a scan and found out that girl I was having ( I was convinced it was a girl, it was going to be called Beth ) was actually a boy. So as we planned for James to come into the world the quilt go relegated to under the spare bed, James is turning 4 in April.  It did make its way out from under the spare bed briefly and got sandwiched and walking foot quilted when I was pregnant with Lewis another darling wee boy, I’m so out numbered in this house.  I wouldn’t swap my boys for the world, but no more babies for me so it’s time to find a little girl to give this quilt some love.  I have a cousin back home who has just had a baby girl so I think it may have her name on it.


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